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Celebrations, Manager Engagement
& Awards

Create unforgettable milestone/celebration experiences that will inspire your people to love what they do and the brand they do it for.

“I want a platform to engage and celebrate important milestones with my employees- special recognitions, team achievements, birthdays, anniversaries”

“I have made sure that my employees have required digital infrastructure to work from home, but I would like to create memorable experiences even while working remotely”

“I want to make the recognitions and celebrations a social event where people I invite can contribute too and the celebration becomes a social event

Add Digital Communication

Plug & Play Digital Communication from a suite of 70+ Creatives, 22+ Launch & Activation Campaigns

4I Communication Framework
  • INSPIRE Celebrate a brand’s values, power of recognition, engagement & loyalty
  • INITIATE Prompt immediate ‘action’ and drive participation
  • INFORM Create awareness around your program, engagement initiatives, brand updates and more
  • INTENSIFY Amplify and sustain the engagement initiative and keep the participation going

Applied Behavioral Science | The Governing Principles
  • VIVIDNESS People remember things that are graphic or dramatic
  • SALIENCE BIAS People focus on information that is more prominent and ignore those that are less so

Reward the right behavior

Digital Marketplace

17000+ Merchandise | 1000+ Experiences |
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  • Brand Merchandise
  • Onboarding Rewards
  • Work From Home Merchandise
  • Day to Day Utilities Merchandise
  • Experience Marketplace
  • Online Entertainment & Learning Rewards
  • Festive Rewards